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Hot Yoga

Hot yoga refers to the practice of yoga done in a heated studio, as opposed to an air-conditioned one. Heat is beneficial to all the aspects of our being – physical, mental, and spiritual. Specifically, heat generated using Infrared heaters is very beneficial for human beings.

On a physical level, the first benefit of hot yoga is increased flexibility. Heat allows the muscles to expand and contract with ease, and helps getting into postures deeper. Secondly, Infrared heat dilates the skin pores, causing profuse sweating that results in detoxification.  As deep-seated toxins are pulled out, skin starts looking younger and develops a natural glow.  Thirdly, heat causes the heart to beat like you are doing intensive cardiovascular workout, which results in burning more fat while doing yoga.  Also, metabolism speeds up and in turn aids better digestion and elimination.

Children can develop the much-needed focus and discipline that will help them with their studies and also deal with peer pressure. With a solid foundation, they can become responsible adults and can contribute to the society around them in a more meaningful way.

Overall, the benefits of Hot Yoga are all-encompassing, and children and adults alike can enhance the quality of their lives by its practice.

Medicated Yoga-Diabetic Yoga Sessions

We have designed a session specially for diabetic patients, so instead of trying treating diabetic with drugs and injection, let's try out our Diabetics Yoga sessions.

 Hot yoga, and yoga in general, are beneficial for many health conditions including Diabetes. Yoga has helped many people overcome chronic health conditions, for which doctors prescribes a lifelong regimen of increased doses of medication. All these medicines put a lot of load on our internal organs, and liver and kidney are the first ones to bear the toxic load. This eventually results in slowdown of all bodily functions, and manifests in many other diseases.

Since Hot Yoga makes you sweat, it brings a lot of those toxins out of your system. Also, the focus and attention that you have to maintain in a yoga class, relax your mind, and stop it from constant chatter. This helps manage the anxiety and cortisol levels in the body. With lower cortisol, blood sugar management is easier. 

There are many Yoga sanas specifically to help the functioning of the endocrine system, which in turn aids in optimal hormone secretion. With proper hormonal secretions, including insulin, the body harmonises itself and blood sugar stablizes.

Pranayamas, in conjunction with yoga poses, greatly help with boosting pancreas to produce adequate insulin, and help the assimilation and absorption of it by the body. Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom are two Pranayamas that are a must for diabetes management. 

With diabetes becoming an epidemic, and children and adults alike being affected more and more, it becomes very important to have alternative tools to manage and cure the conditions, instead of relying on lifelong medicines and injections. Yoga is one such tool that doesn't have side-effects, and the only side effects are enhanced quality of life, a stronger body-mind-soul complex, and an overall sense of wellbeing.


 Each batch is equipped with mediation exercises, to let you go out of studio with full of calmness.


On a mental level, the nervous system relaxes, and that helps in calming the brain. Also, when exercising in heat, you need to have a single-pointed focus on your postures, instead of the non-stop chatter that goes on in our minds all the time. People suffering from anxiety and depression have shown excellent results with hot yoga.

With mind calmed, and body relaxed, it is much easier to connect to the energy around us. This greatly helps with our spiritual growth. If we incorporate Pranayamas as part of our yoga routine, that enhances the quality of our practice as well.

Come and join un our weekend special meditation sessions.

Weight Loss

Since  last 3 months almost all the student in studio lost from 2 kg-10 kg of weight with combination of Hot Yoga and Bootcamp style sessions.

We have so many stories, come and meet those students.

Personnel Training

We provide the PT sessions in our 40DegreeStudio either in Boot Camp or Hot Power Yoga or Both