HOT YOGA * Get Couple offer for 1 Year Packages-INR 20,000, for 6 months INR 16000


Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga and meditation Packages

 Healthy Body Healthy Mind, Healthy Employee-Will bring happiness in your organization

Corporate Package: 

1.Monthly membership 2,000/month with the yearly commitment 

2.Group of 6 people 10,000/month with yearly commitment. * 

3.Group of 10 people 15,000/month with yearly commitment *  


* Member can be switched during 1 year commitment period

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Lets call Founder Hussain Naqvi,  who has Invented 15-Minutes-IT-Yoga and taking sessions on Yoga and Meditation. Given something amazing to your team and tell them to use 15 minutes for IT-Yoga everyday by replacing one Tea Break.