HOT YOGA * Get Couple offer for 1 Year Packages-INR 20,000, for 6 months INR 16000

Benefits of 40DegreeStudio Best Yoga Pricing in Viman nagar in Pune



  • 24 sessions/month
  • Save time by using 40 minutes sessions
  • 10 minutes Breathing excercise every day
  • Free Session for Senior citizen
  • Ladies only batches
  • Improves skin tone , makes your face glow and saves lots of money otherwise spent on face creams & lotions
  • Fast Weight Loss
  • Increases Vitamin D in your body to help you feel more energetic
  • Removes toxins that are stored in the body for ages
  • Improves flexibility & joint mobility  to help live a better life
  • Reduces muscle stiffness & pain
  • Enhances heart function 
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves the immune system
  • Fast Cancer Recovery
  • Burns hundreds of calories in just 30 minutes